Zirconia: a solid reason to try something new!

Zirconia crowns are a stronger and more natural looking alternative to metal occlusal PFMs or full- cast crowns. Perfect for bruxers and grinders, these shear resistant all-Zirconia crowns are designed and milled using CAD/CAM technology for accuracy and predictability. They are made with bio-compatible medical-grade Zirconia, and finished for an ultra smooth surface which reduces calcification and plaque build-up.

By integrating the CAD/CAM systems, Primodent Studio has created a Zirconia crown that delivers on price, fit, strength, and aesthetics. With exceptional strength, a Zirconia crown is greater in flexural potency than any other all-ceramic crown available. It produces no black lines or gingival graying and is semi-transparent with a high opacity to mask underlying tooth discoloration, metal cores, and implant abutments.

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