Implant Complete Solution

Technicians here at Primodent are aware that implant cases can almost always be complicated, but we are here to partner up with you  and to help restore your implants successfully from start to finish. As variable as implant platforms may be, Primodent is capable of accommodating your office with the highest quality results in the fastest possible turnaround time. All implant cases are scanned and milled in house to increase efficiency on each case without jeopardizing quality. 
Turn around time and results are vital to the success of a dental office, but a clear invoice is just as important. Typically, invoices for laboratories are often time extremely convoluted and difficult to understand. We are here to simplify that process, starting from consulting about the case prior to startup up to one simple line invoice that encompasses all the different processes involved in fabricating the restoration. 

Please contact Primodent notifying us about the types of implants you use in your office, along with the method you prefer to use and we will gladly get back to you with a pricing quote.