Porcelain fused to Metal: Quality that lasts a lifetime.

Metal- free restorations may be increasing in popularity, but a large majority of our practices still prescribe porcelain fused to metal single and bridge units. Here at Primodent Studio, we have a specific team of technicians who create each PFM case. Our stringent quality control procedure guarantees each case provides exactly what you’ve prescribed; designed specifically to exceed your expectations.

We have three levels for our Porcelain fused to metal cases:

#1. Base Alloy: –> Neodontics
Includes Jensen’s JP- 5 Nobel alloy which is ideal for any type of restoration from single units to long span bridges.
Composition: Ni 72%, Cr 14%, Mo 9%, B2 1.65%, Co 0.3%, Ti 0.4%

#2. Nobel Alloy: –> Spartan Plus
Includes Jensen’s Security high Nobel alloy that is strong and possesses a grain size that eliminates marginal flaking.
Composition: Pd 78.8%, Cu 10%, Ga 9%, Au 2%

#3. High Nobel Alloy: –> W3 and Argent 90

Includes Jensen’s Classic IV high Nobel 88% gold alloy with a deep yellow color that polishes to a beautiful luster.
W3 Composition: Au 48.7%, Pd39.6%, In 10.6%
Argent 90 Composition: Au 89.5%, Pt 5.8%, Ag 1.2%

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