Diagnostic Options – Helping to Increase Case Acceptance

Diagnostic Options - Helping to Increase Case Acceptance

Digital Imaging:

Primodent Studio is pleased to offer our one-of-a-kind computer imaging program which can potentially help increase your case acceptance. Research has shown that by utilizing this program, patients are more likely to agree on more extensive restorations if they can actually visualize a new prospective smile, especially when paired with a Diagnostic Wax-Up. By simply taking a digital full face picture of the patient, you can email the photos along with doctor and patient names to Info@PrimodentStudio.com. We will then work on a digital image to send back to you within 1 business day. Your patient can be at ease by being given the opportunity to visualize what their smile will look like after all your hard work.

Diagnostic Wax-Up:

Not only can you stun your patients with a digital preview of how their smile will look, you can also give them something solid and life- like to help your patient make a final decision. Primodent Studio’s diagnostic wax- ups are intended to replicate the exact details and specifics of your case. Our wax- ups give your patients a realistic model of the appearance of their new smile.

Temporary Crowns:

Here at Primodent Studio, we pride ourselves in having multiple options for provisional crowns. Depending on the duration and aesthetic needs for your patient, our temporary crown can be made to satisfy all your patient’s needs. We can fabricate our temporary crowns based on your prepped or pre-op models. Our dental lab is the best option for a temporary restoration that exhibits lifelike esthetics rivaling even natural teeth. Whether prescribed for short-term or long-term use, this restorative option offers an inexpensive interim solution until final restorations are completed.

Surgical Stent:

At Primodent, we have worked hard to make proper implant placement become less of a prosthetic dilemma with the use of surgical stents. Surgical Stents provide communication between the surgeon and restoring dentist so that the implant is placed at the ideal prosthetic position and angulation.

Implant Supported Over -Dentures: Your secure implant option!

Implant-Supported Overdentures: Your secure implant option!

Here at Primodent Studio, we are pleased to provide you with superior solutions for edentulous patients. Our Implant-Supported Overdentures unite the accuracy of a CAD/CAM superstructure with the handcrafted esthetics of a characterized full denture. Your patients will enjoy enhanced stability, esthetics and phonetics without compromising comfort.

Capitalizing on our extensive knowledge and experience, at Primodent we utilize cutting edge CAD/ CAM technology to design and mill implant bars with digital precision. Indicated for all major systems, our implant bars provide a precise implant-borne connection for a maxillary or mandibular denture. We can assure that your patients will receive a highly esthetic and secure result.

Zirconia: a solid reason to try something new!

Zirconia: a solid reason to try something new!

Zirconia crowns are a stronger and more natural looking alternative to metal occlusal PFMs or full- cast crowns. Perfect for bruxers and grinders, these shear resistant all-Zirconia crowns are designed and milled using CAD/CAM technology for accuracy and predictability. They are made with bio-compatible medical-grade Zirconia, and finished for an ultra smooth surface which reduces calcification and plaque build-up.

By integrating the CAD/CAM systems, Primodent Studio has created a Zirconia crown that delivers on price, fit, strength, and aesthetics. With exceptional strength, a Zirconia crown is greater in flexural potency than any other all-ceramic crown available. It produces no black lines or gingival graying and is semi-transparent with a high opacity to mask underlying tooth discoloration, metal cores, and implant abutments.

Porcelain fused to Metal: Quality that lasts a lifetime.

Porcelain fused to Metal: Quality that lasts a lifetime.

Metal- free restorations may be increasing in popularity, but a large majority of our practices still prescribe porcelain fused to metal single and bridge units. Here at Primodent Studio, we have a specific team of technicians who create each PFM case. Our stringent quality control procedure guarantees each case provides exactly what you’ve prescribed; designed specifically to exceed your expectations.

We have three levels for our Porcelain fused to metal cases:

#1. Base Alloy: –> Neodontics
Includes Jensen’s JP- 5 Nobel alloy which is ideal for any type of restoration from single units to long span bridges.
Composition: Ni 72%, Cr 14%, Mo 9%, B2 1.65%, Co 0.3%, Ti 0.4%

#2. Nobel Alloy: –> Spartan Plus
Includes Jensen’s Security high Nobel alloy that is strong and possesses a grain size that eliminates marginal flaking.
Composition: Pd 78.8%, Cu 10%, Ga 9%, Au 2%

#3. High Nobel Alloy: –> W3 and Argent 90

Includes Jensen’s Classic IV high Nobel 88% gold alloy with a deep yellow color that polishes to a beautiful luster.
W3 Composition: Au 48.7%, Pd39.6%, In 10.6%
Argent 90 Composition: Au 89.5%, Pt 5.8%, Ag 1.2%

Primodent Implant Solutions: Providing you with only the highest quality in Implant Treatment.

Primodent Implant Solutions: Providing you with only the highest quality in Implant Treatment.

Our technicians are highly skilled in all of the intricacies of implant case planning and fabrication. Our specialized team approach enables clinicians to choose a variety of combinations in restorative options for your implant requirements. Our CAD/CAM designed Implant Solution will simplify the treatment plan for your patients and drastically improve their results regardless of how complicated the case may be. We design and fabricate only the highest quality of implants.

At Primodent Studio, we specialize in fabricating cement-retained or screw-retained/retrievable custom abutments to accommodate your patient’s specific needs for optimal results. We have formulated a  working relationship with implant manufacturers to continually educate our technicians in the latest implant technology with the goal of improving our ability to meet your implant treatment needs.

Our lab is aware of the fact that quoting the correct prices for your patients can be problematic, so we have worked hard to set a fixed price. We strive to make the process of quoting your patients as stress free and effortless as possible. Our goal is to make your implant cases as graceful and unproblematic as can be.

IPS E.Max Crowns & Layered Veneers: A Breakthrough in Dental Technology

IPS E.Max Crowns & Layered Veneers: A Breakthrough in Dental Technology

An E.Max crown is an all- ceramic crown. It’s long lasting and has astonishing aesthetic qualities with the use of cut- back and layering techniques. The pleasing translucent color makes for a very natural look to the crown. This is the best option for extra strength and durability. Made with a single blow of lithium disilicate ceramic, E.Max makes for one of the finest options for a crown. These crowns are striking in appearance, which assures they will compliment your natural teeth. E.Max is a good option for those with damaged, stained, or poor quality teeth. Essentially, you are getting a glass ceramic crown- close to indestructible, yet delicate and natural in appearance. These crowns are suited for both full- and partial- coverage cases.