Protocol for Full Arch/Full Mouth Restorations

Fabricating a single crown or a 3 unit bridge is fairly routine process for most dental laboratories or offices. However, once we get to larger cases such as full mouth reconstructive work, things tend to get a little trickier and will be better served to follow some steps for a better outcome.
Assuming we are dealing with a patient that wants things done in proper fashion for sake of a better and functional restorations instead of a patient with the urge of having instant gratification and demanding teeth numbers 6 through 11 being restored first;
In the perfect world if we are restoring a full arch case, we want to begin with the lower posteriors that will enable us to restore the curves of spee and Wilson first. If the patient does not have a TMJ problem, we could easily accommodate those corrections with opening the bite once the restorations are done for lower posteriors. The doctor will cement them and move to prep the lower anterior, however at this point the lower anterior needs to be temporalized with longer temporaries to accommodate the amount of opening done on lower posteriors. Once the lower arch has been fully restored, we will then move on to upper posteriors and restore them afterwards, establishing correctly functional  teeth. The final step will be restoring the upper anteriors . 
Here at Primodent, we are aware that we are not operating in a perfect world. Every case is different, but as many full arch cases as we have completed, we have came to the conclusion that if we follow the best practices mentioned above, the rate of success of having both functional and aesthetic cases are noticeably increasing.
We are here to be your partner for complicated cases; starting from planning, to digital imaging and wax up, to fabricating the long lasting temporaries and final restorations.

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